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The Polumir granite: Addititional data on its origin

Author(s): Vukov Milenko S. | Milovanović Dragan

Journal: Geološki Anali Balkanskog Poluostrva
ISSN 0350-0608

Volume: 2002;
Issue: 64;
Start page: 167;
Date: 2002;
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Keywords: granite | chemistry | rock | mineral | plagioclase | K-feldspar | muscovite | biotite | geobarometer | genesis

The Polumir granite is exposed on several localities due to erosion, and its chemical and mineral composition is presented in this paper. It is built of K-feldspar, plagioclase, myrmekite, metasomatic albite, biotite, muscovite and quartz, while apatite, magnetite, monazite, allanite and zircon are present as accessory minerals. According to its chemical and mineral composition and rock chemistry (trace and REE elements) the Polumir granite is leucocratic, sin-collisional, with S-type characteristics. It crystallized at temperature of about 650°C and under pressure of 2-4 kbar. Results of isotope analyses (K-Ar method on biotites) indicate that the Polumir granite was formed during the Miocene (14-19 Ma) and it has undergone subsequent weak remobilization afterwards.

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