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Pore Structures and Electrochemical Properties of Graphene Prepared by Arc Discharge Method

Author(s): LV Yan, WANG Zhi-Yong, ZHANG Hao, FANG Jin, CAO Gao-Ping, SHI Zu-Jin, WANG Bi-Yan

Journal: Journal of Inorganic Materials
ISSN 1000-324X

Volume: 25;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 725;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: graphene | electrochemical capacitors | pore structure | specific capacitance | rate capability

A graphene material was prepared by arc discharge method, and its pore structures and electrochemical capacitive properties were studied. The graphene presents developed and open mesopore structure, and its specific surface area and mesopore ratio are 77.8 m2/g and 74.7%, respectively. The electrochemical capacitor using graphene as electrode materials, has a capacitance of 12.9 F/g. Its cyclic voltammograms show rectangular shape even under a high scan rate of 200 mV/s, and the specific frequency f0 on the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is as high as 18.5 Hz, exhibiting excellent rate capability.

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