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A potential medicinal importance of zinc in human health and chronic disease

Author(s): Debjit Bhowmik | Chiranjib | K.P. Sampath Kumar

Journal: International Journal of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
ISSN 0976-5263

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 05;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Zinc | Chronic diseases | human health | Zinc deficiency | Pregnancy

Zinc is an essential nutrient for human health. Ensuring adequate levels of zinc intake should be a key component in efforts to reduce child illness, enhance physical growth and decrease mortality in developing countries. In spite of the proven benefits of adequate zinc nutrition, approximately 2 billion people still remain risk of zinc deficiency. Zinc is found in over 200 enzymes and hormones in mankind. It is a natural element found in all plants and animals, and is widely available in over-the-counter vitamin supplements. Zinc is essential to life. It is a natural element found in all plants and animals and plays a crucial part in the health of our skin, teeth, bones, hair, nails, muscles, nerves and brain function Zinc is essential for growth. It is used to control the enzymes that operate and renew the cells in our bodies. The formation of DNA, the basis of all life on our planet, would not be possible without zinc. Zinc deficiency was a major etiological factor in the syndrome of adolescent nutritional dwarfism, that had been identified mid-eastern countries. Zinc deficiency is an important public health problem, Nutritionists have been concerned that zinc deficiency affects large numbers of women and children in India and worldwide. In recent survey by WHO, zinc deficiency found most of the Indian population and Zinc supplement is used to commonly to enhance wound healing and treatment of pneumonia. Zinc gluconate lozenges, taken at the first sign of a common cold, reduce duration and symptom severity by 42% according to a 1992 study. Trace element zinc is important in maintaining the healthy growth of the human body, especially for infants and young children’s growth and development.
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