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Pre-service Social Studies Teachers’ Views about Reflection of Technology on Values

Author(s): E. Özlem YİĞİT | Tuba ÇENGELCİ | Hıdır KARADUMAN

Journal: Journal of Social Studies Education Research
ISSN 1309-9108

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 73;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Technology | values | the social studies | pre-service social studies teacher

Differentatition of the tools has been effecting human life in every area since they first formed a blade from a piece of flint. Technology extends human potential by allowing them to do things they couldn’t otherwise do. As time passed, they became more sophisticated at making tools and learned to put different parts together to improve existings and to create new technologies. To understand technology better, it must be put into a broad context and be interpreted together with social, cultural and environmental issues. Technology effects the society and the society effects technology, and they go hand in hand. Over the course of time, technology has become and increasingly larger part of people’s lives. People live in apartments, work and shop in large buildings, eat prepared foods, use television and Internet for communication and travel by vehicles, so we can say that people occupy a technological world and the world has become a virtual platform(ITEA, 2007). Technology’s effects are widely regarded as desirable but sometimes it has negative effects both on physical and social environment. Traditional ways of life have been displaced by technological development and as the pace of technological change continues to increase, questions arise as to whether society can effectively keep up with the changes (ITEA, 2007). People take the advantages of technology with rapid changes in production systems, but criticism is also voiced against the monotony of human life, people’s emotional deprivation and the extensive loss in the viability of valuable things in societal life (Çelikcan, 2011, p.168). Technological development also tends to magnify the inequalities among people and among societies by creating a situation in which a minority of people control and use a majority of the world’s resources (ITEA, 2007). Such factors make it important that desicions be made by individuals and societies with care about any technology.There are lots of options in dealing with technology and decisions about technology represent the individual’s and society’s values. The values and beliefs of societies also shape their attitudes toward technology. Social and cultural priorities and values are reflected in technological devices and systems. In this context, people need to be educated as technologically literated and technorealist individuals. Sociologists have stated that there are two opposite opinions, technological determinism and technological pessimism, as to the effects of technology to society and, technorealism is an opinion which defends that we must use the technology as appropriate to our values.
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