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Prediction of antigenic peptides of LTx5 toxin from Lasiodora sp. IBSP8539

Author(s): Gomase V.S. | Shankar S. | Gangawane A.K. | Sherkhane A.S.

Journal: International Journal of Drug Discovery
ISSN 0975-4423

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 18;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Antigen | Epitope | PSSM | SVM | MHC | Peptide vaccine

The toxin LTx5 toxin is an 116aa residue peptide is isolated from the venom of Lasiodora sp.IBSP8539.In this assay we have predicted the binding affinity of toxin LTx5 toxin having 116 amino acids, whichshows 109 nonamers. Peptide fragments of the neurotoxin can be used to select nonamers for use in rationalvaccine design and to increase the understanding of roles of the immune system in neurotoxin studies. Smallsegment ‘3- STFIIMISLAVALATWPSEH-22’ of toxin protein called the antigenic epitopes is sufficient for elicitingthe desired immune response. Immunization cassettes should be capable of immunizing of broad immunityagainst both humoral and cellular epitope thus giving vaccines the maximum ability to deal with neurotoxinprotein of Eurypelma californicum. Binding ability prediction of antigen peptides to MHC class molecules isimportant in vaccine development, We also found the SVM based MHCII-IAb peptide regions, 40- YALADRAEK,10- ISLAVALAT, 99- MYQAERALE, 14- VALATWPSE, (optimal score is 1.494); MHCII-IAd peptide regions, 96-LDIMYQAER, 29- SETKLNVEL, 68- GASVLCEAV, 4- STFIIMISL, (optimal score is 0.604); MHCII-IAg7 peptideregions , 38- GPYALADRA, 98- IMYQAERAL, 9- MISLAVALA, 99- MYQAERALE, (optimal score is 1.904); andMHCII- RT1.B peptide regions, 17- ATWPSEHIE, 101- QAERALEKL, 98- IMYQAERAL, 108- KLASSFRCE,(optimal score is 0.601) which represented predicted binders from neurotoxin protein. We have predicted asuccessful immunization.

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