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Predictive value for malignancy of the thyroid nodule macroscopically

Author(s): Dedivitis, Rogério Aparecido | Couto Netto, Sergio Dias do | Castro, Mario Augusto Ferrari de | Pfuetzenreiter Junior, Elio Gilberto | Nardi, Carlos Eduardo Molinari | Barbara, Emanuel Casotti Duque de

Journal: International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology
ISSN 1809-9777

Volume: 14;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 225;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Thyroid neoplasms | Thyroidectomy | Sensitivity and specificity | Biopsy | Needle | Frozen sections.

Introduction: The fine needle aspiration (FNA) is a method of high accuracy in the preoperative diagnosis of thyroid nodules, but the "follicular" remains a factor of failure. Furthermore, the usefulness of intraoperative examination of freezing is controversial. Macroscopic aspects of thyroid nodules may increase the diagnostic accuracy of preoperative and intraoperative FNA biopsy and freezing. Objective: To evaluate the macroscopic aspects of the surgical specimen in the decision facing the nodular disease of thyroid gland. Methods: During 2007, 85 patients underwent surgical treatment for thyroid nodular diseases were evaluated by prospective and macroscopic aspects of 125 nodules were compared with histopathological findings. Results: We found that the pattern of recent growth, the presence of adhesions of the thyroid, absence of hemorrhage, necrosis and poor demarcation of the nodule had statistical significance in the outcome of malignant disease. Conclusion:Pattern of growth, thyroid adhesions, necrosis and poor demarcation of the nodule are predictors of malignancy, while the presence of hemorrhage is a protective factor.
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