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Author(s): Sameer Singh | Narendra Mandoria | Anis shaikh

Journal: International Research Journal of Pharmacy
ISSN 2230-8407

Volume: 3;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 159;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: cardiovascular | Preformulation | controlled | optimization.

The aim of the present work to study the preformulation parameters for Transdermal drug delivery system. The objective of Preformulation study is to generic information useful to the formulater in developing stable and bioavailable dosage form. The use of Preformulation parameter maximizes the chances in formulation an acceptable, safe, efficacious and stable product and at the same time provide the basis for optimization of the drug product quality. Administration of conventional tablets of simvastatin has been reported to exhibit fluctuations in plasma drug levels, resulting either in manifestation of side effects or reduction in drug concentration at the receptor sites also, the maintenance of a constant plasma concentration of a cardiovascular drug is important in ensuring the desired therapeutic response, again since the half life of simvastatin is 3 hours hence multiple doses of the drug are needed to maintain a constant plasma concentration for a good therapeutic response, and improve patient compliance, hence the objective of the study was made to develop controlled release TDDS of simvastatin using polymer like HPMC and Carbopol, which will controlled the release of drug, increasing the bioavailability of the drug and thus decreasing the dosing frequency of the drug. The Preformulation studies were carried out in terms of testa for identification (physical appearance, melting point, and uv spectrophotometer), solubility profile, determination of partition coefficient and quantitative estimation of drug. All the observation and results showed that the simvastatin could serve as suitable candidate for Transdermal drug delivery system that may improve the bioavailability.
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