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Preparation and Characterization of Polypyrrole Nanocomposites using Various Surfactants in Aqueous and Aqueous/Non-Aqueous Media

Author(s): Aliyeh Yousefi Abdolmaleki | Hossein Eisazadeh

Journal: Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology
ISSN 2040-7459

Volume: 4;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 329;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Glass transition temperature | morphology | nanocomposite | polypyrrole | surfactant

Polypyrrole nanocomposites were preapraed to study some characteristics such as morphology and chemical structure. Polypyrrole nanocomposites have been prepared to in aqueous and aqueous/nonaqueous media by chemical oxidative polymerization using ferric chloride as an oxidant and in the presence of various surfactants such as sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, poly (vinyl alcohol) and hydroxypropylcellulose. The nanocomposites were characterized in terms of morphology, particle size, chemical structure and glass transition temperature. The morphology of products was characterized by using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The results indicate that the surface morphology and particle size are dependent on the type of surfactant. Also the chemical structure and glass transition temperature of product were determined by fouriertransform infrared spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry respectively.

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