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Prevalence of brucellosis using indirect ELISA test in raw milk in individual cases of ewes and does in Mosul city

Author(s): Q. T. Al-Obaidi | S. D. Hassan | B. A. Mohammad | S. H. Arslan

Journal: Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences
ISSN 1607-3894

Volume: 23 (Arabic);
Issue: 2;
Start page: 111;
Date: 2009;
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The aim of the study was to find the prevalence of brucellosis antibodies in individual cases of ewes and goats (3-8 weeks after parturition) using indirect ELISA test in raw milk in different areas of Mosul, and using Rose Bengal test in serum samples of same flocks of sheep and goats. Examination of 211 raw milk samples represented (1906) sheep and examination of 88 raw milk samples represented 102 goats randomly collected from individual cases. The study included examination of blood sera of 211 sheep and 88 goats. The prevalence of milk samples in ewes and does positive to antibodies of brucellosis was 6.6% and 11.3%, respectively. Highest percentage was in Al-hamdania area (20%), and lowest in Googjaly area (3.3%), but non recorded in Basheka, Bazwaya and shrazad areas. Examination of raw milk of does showed the highest percentage (22%) was in Al- Namrood area, and lowest (5%) in Hay-Alarabi area. Results of Rose Bengal test in serum samples of ewes and does were 8.5% and 5.8%, respectively. It is concluded that ELISA test on raw milk in individual cases can be considered a confirmatory screening test the with the Rose Bengal test in diagnosis of brucellosis in parturated ewes and does.
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