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Prevalence of Low Birth Weight and Obesity and some concomitant factors in live offspring’s in 2006 and compare with 2002 result’s in Arak Talleghani Hospital

Author(s): M Rafiei

Journal: Iranian Journal of Pediatrics
ISSN 2008-2142

Volume: 17;
Issue: Suppl 1;
Start page: 47;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: Concomitant factors

Background: In this study prevalence of abnormal birth weight was estimated in live-born neonates in 2006 and compared with that of 2002 in Talleghani Hospital, Arak, Iran. Methods: Low birth weight (LBW) was classified weight of less than 2500 gram. The prevalence of LBW was explored base on sex, type of delivery and place of the living. The original supine length and weight data were calculated as body mass index (BMI) and compared with BMI at birth of Iran reference data. Results: Overall prevalence of LBW was %9.1 that was less among boys in compare to girls. The LBW value in caesarean delivery was less than normal delivery. This index in mother lives in town was less than mothers who's living in rural area. Over two thirds of neonates had normal weight and more than 5% were overweight or obese. Girls BMI centiles was less than boys. Conclusions: In this study neonates were relatively free of overweight. The rate of neonatal underweight was striking. The LBW in 2006 was less than this value in 2002 in Talleghani Hospital; however, it was greater than the statistics in development country.

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