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Priority-Based CCA Periods for Efficient and Reliable Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Hussein T. Mouftah | Mouhcine Guennoun | Mounib Khanafer

Journal: Advances in Molecular Imaging
ISSN 2161-6728

Volume: 04;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 45;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks | Beacon-Enabled IEEE 802.15.4 | Binary Exponent Backoff | Priority-Based Backoff | Fairness | Power Consumption | Reliability | Channel Utilization

The IEEE 802.15.4 standard utilizes the CSMA-CA mechanism to control nodes’ access to the shared wireless communication medium. CSMA-CA implements the Binary Exponential Backoff (BEB) algorithm by which a node refrains from sending any packet before the expiry of its backoff period. After that, the node is required to sense the medium for two successive time slots to assert that the medium is clear from any ongoing transmissions (this is referred to as Clear Channel Assessment (CCA)). Upon finding the medium busy, the node doubles its backoff period and repeats that process. While effective in reducing the likelihood of collisions, this approach takes no measures to preserve the priorities among the nodes contending to access the medium. In this paper we propose the Priority-Based BEB (PB-BEB) algorithm in which we enhance BEB such that nodes’ priority is preserved. We provide a simulation study to examine the performance of PB-BEB. Our simulations show that the latter not only outperforms BEB in terms of fairness, but also show promising results in terms other parameters like channel utilization, reliability, and power conservation.
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