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O processo de ensino e aprendizagem da disciplina de Química: o caso das escolas do ensino médio de Crateús/Ceará/Brasil

Author(s): José Ossian Gadelha de Lima | Luciana Rodrigues Leite

Journal: Revista Electrónica de Investigación en Educación en Ciencias
ISSN 1850-6666

Volume: 7;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 72;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Teaching and learning process. Teaching chemistry. Crateús. High school.

This work aims to define the reality lived by students and teachers of the Basic Teaching of the city of Crateús/Ceará/Brazil before the teaching and learning process of the discipline of Chemistry, trying to identify the causes of the low learning level and the little interest of the students for the subject. For the data gathering, two types of questionnaires were elaborated. One was answered by 08 (eight) teachers and another by 60 (sixty) students of 03 (three) Public Schools of Basic Teaching of Crateús. From the results, two great factors can be pinpointed as responsible for the failure of the teaching and learning process of Chemistry in the High School level of those schools. One is related to the Fundamental Teaching by which those students went through. In the basic and essential disciplines (Portuguese and Mathematics) they didn't achieve a satisfactory learning and they didn't acquire necessary basic knowledge to the understanding of the contents approached in the High School. The other reason refers to the teachers' formation that doesn't enough quality to perform their task. With its unsatisfactory formation, the teachers are forced the teach classes of low quality, not associating the Chemistry and the students’ reality.
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