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圖書資訊學習活動於小學主題式探索之推廣 Promoting Library and Information Learning Activities in Project-based Inquiry in an Elementary Class

Author(s): Wen-Hua Huang | Lih-Juan ChanLin

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 45;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 7;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Project-based inquiry | Library information | Library instruction | Information seeking behaviors | Elementary education

隨著教育改革的推進,「主題式探索」成為近年教育領域的重要風潮。在這個趨勢下,學生透過深入的研究,主動的蒐集、整合與主題相關的資料並完成主題報告。本研究主要目的在於分析學生在主題式學習下所須加強的圖書資訊能力,並透過課程提供學習機會,於課後分析學生進步的情形。研究對象是台北市某國民小學五年某班的32名學生。研究透過個案研究的方式,觀察學生在圖書資訊利用學習活動過程中的資訊尋求行為,資料蒐集的方式以觀察、訪談與學習檔案分析為主。研究進行方式乃透過學生主題探索時的行動與資訊尋求行為觀察,分析所須加強的圖書資訊相關技能,再依據學生之能力,設計符合其需求的圖書資訊利用學習活動,並在學生參與學習活動之後,分析學生在主題式學習進步之處。研究結果歸納學生圖書資訊技能的提升有助於主題式學習,學生對於圖書資訊利用學習活動的各單元感到滿意。With the advent of educational reform, project-based inquiry becomes one of important new trends for school learning. Under this learning trend, students are encouraged to research in a specific knowledge area, and to gather and integrate related information to accomplish their project tasks. The purpose of this study was to identify library information skills needed in a project-based inquiry and design instruction to meet students’ learning needs. Followed by the implementation of library and information learning activities for supporting needed skills, students’ learning of library and information skills was analyzed. Subjects were 32 fifth graders from an elementary school at Taipei city. A case study approach was employed for data collection, including observations, interviews, and students’ learning portfolios. In this study, library and information skills needed for accomplishing a project task were pre-assessed by observing their actions and information seeking behaviors in accomplishing project tasks. Then, library and information learning activities were designed, implemented, and evaluated. Student’s progress in project-based inquiry was summarized. The results of the study indicate that students benefited from learning library and information skills in the project-based inquiry. Students were also satisfied with library and information learning activities.

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