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The Pseudo-Revolution in Libya and the Degenerate Left. Part I : The Pseudo-Revolution in Libya

Author(s): Takis Fotopoulos

Journal: International Journal of Inclusive Democracy
ISSN 1753-240X

Volume: 7;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 3;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Libya | NATO | Egypt | Tunisia | Jamahiriya | Direct Democracy

To avoid any misconceptions or deliberate distortions of the stand taken by this paper (there have already been accusations by what I call the present degenerate "Left" — statist and libertarian alike — that I am a "pro-Caddafist," a "plot theorist," a "supporter of dictatorial regimes," etc., particularly since I was also against the transnational elite’s criminal attacks on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq), I think it is necessary to state, explicitly and in advance, the principles guiding this paper. The reader will, then, have a clear opportunity to assess its conclusions against these principles and draw his/her own conclusions. Basic principles guiding this paper: [1]. Fundamental to this analysis is the libertarian principle of peoples' self determination, which should never be violated for supposedly humanitarian reasons (like those invoked by the arch-criminals of the transnational elite) or pseudo-"anarchist" reasons, according to which states are not sacrosanct (see Chomsky-Part II).[2]. Although it is true that states are not sacred, and social liberation is impossible unless peoples live in free confederations of their own communities securing the equal distribution of political and economic power among all citizens, national liberation is a precondition for any social liberation.[3]. Neither national nor social liberation can ever be achieved with the help of the very elites against whom both types of struggle are fought. This is why any direct or indirect cooperation of the struggling peoples (and the Left in general) with the transnational elite and its client regimes, in order to overthrow a domestic authoritarian regime, is inconceivable. Historically, there have been cases where peoples who have resisted against an occupying power have asked for the help of other powers in securing their national liberation (e.g. during the national liberation wars against the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, or against the fascist axis in the 20th century). However, the Libyan "revolution" was never part of a national liberation struggle against a foreign occupying power, but a civil war, which can, in fact, be shown that it was instigated by the transnational elite!.[4]. It is always up to the peoples themselves to fight for their own liberation, and the only international help they can ever count on is the solidarity of other peoples (never their elites!), which could be expressed, for example, through the formation of international brigades of volunteers to help the suppressed peoples (as in the classic example of the Spanish Civil War).[5]. Therefore, siding with the Libyan "revolutionaries" (who are voluntarily financed, armed and militarily supported by the transnational elite and their client regimes) against the Gaddafi regime, as suggested by most of the "Left" today, is a blatant betrayal of the above principles and a clear indication of the degeneration of this “Left” into an acolyte of the transnational elite.
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