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Psychiatric Disorders Among Patients with HIV Infection

Author(s): Bahadır Bakım | Başak Özçelik | K. Oğuz Karamustafalıoğlu

Journal: Düşünen Adam : Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences
ISSN 1018-8681

Volume: 18;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 149;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: HIV | AIDS | psychiatry

Most of the patients with AIDS are homosexual men or intravenous drug users. HIV infected individuals are subject to the full Tange of psychiatric syndromes including adjusment disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorders, sleep disorders, alcohol-substance related disorders, delirium, dementia and psychosec. HIV, opportunistic infections, anti-HIV medications, and the psychosocial stress of HIV illness cause substantial psychiatric morbidity over the course of illness. Dementia or milder forms of cognitive impairment are important manifestations of HIV infection with important consequences. Early detection and treatment is essential to prevent progression. Fatigue and depressive Symptoms are common in HIV-infection. Depression has a significant impact on the quality of life of persons living with HIV and is associated with HIV disease progression and mortality, either poor adherence with antiretroviral regiments or risk for suicide. Personality disorder is also common in the HIV- positive population. Symptoms of anxiety are very common in this patient population under substantial stress, while major anxiety disorders appear to occur with the same frequency as in the general population. Alcohol and substance abuse disorders are common in individuals across HIV risk factors. Psychiatric disorders often predate and are independent problems that interact with HIV infection and treatment. Patients with AIDS have an elevated rate of suicide. This suicidal patients require the same psychological and social Support as other persons at risk for suicide.

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