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Quality and Distortion Evaluation of Audio Signal by Spectrum

Author(s): Er. Niranjan Singh | Dr. Bhupendra Verma

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Security
ISSN 1985-1553

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 103;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Component Steganalysis | Watermarking | Audio Quality Measures | Distortion Metric

Information hiding in digital audio can be used for such diverse applications as proof ofownership, authentication, integrity, secret communication, broadcast monitoring and eventannotation. To achieve secure and undetectable communication, stegano-objects, anddocuments containing a secret message, should be indistinguishable from cover-objects, andshow that documents not containing any secret message. In this respect, Steganalysis is the setof techniques that aim to distinguish between cover-objects and stegano-objects [1]. A coveraudio object can be converted into a stegano-audio object via steganographic methods. In thispaper we present statistical method to detect the presence of hidden messages in audio signals.The basic idea is that, the distribution of various statistical distance measures, calculated oncover audio signals and on stegano-audio signals vis-à-vis their de-noised versions, arestatistically different. A distortion metric based on Signal spectrum was designed specifically todetect modifications and additions to audio media. We used the Signal spectrum to measure thedistortion. The distortion measurement was obtained at various wavelet decomposition levelsfrom which we derived high-order statistics as features for a classifier to determine the presenceof hidden information in an audio signal. This paper looking at evidence in a criminal caseprobably has no reason to alter any evidence files. However, it is part of an ongoing terroristsurveillance might well want to disrupt the hidden information, even if it cannot be recovered.

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