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Quantitative analysis of Gallstones in Libyan Patients

Author(s): Jarari AM | Peela JR | Patil TN | Hai A | Awamy HA | El Saeity SO | AbdelKafi EB | El Hemri MN | Tayesh MF

Journal: Libyan Journal of Medicine
ISSN 1819-6357

Volume: 5;
Start page: 091020;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Gallstones | Chemical composition | Libya | Cholesterol

Gall stone disease is one of the major surgical problems in the Libyan population; it is probablyrelated to diet, especially excessive consumption of meat. The study was conducted to determine thecomposition of gallstones and their possible etiology in a Libyan population. The chemicalcomposition of gallstones from 41 patients (6 males and 35 females) was analyzed. The stones wereclassified into cholesterol, pigment and mixed stones. Cholesterol stones showed a significantlyhigher cholesterol content than pigment stones (p=0.0085) though not significantly higher than mixedstones. Their phospholipid content and inorganic phosphates were higher than in the other types ofstones; and oxalate content was significantly elevated in comparison with mixed stones (p=0.0471). Inmixed stones, the cholesterol, bile acids and bilirubin were intermediate between cholesterol andpigment stones whereas triglycerides were significantly more than pigment stones (p=0.0004).Bilirubin (0.0001) and bile acids (p=0.0009) were significantly higher than cholesterol stones(p=0.0001). However, they contained the lowest amounts of sodium, potassium, magnesium andoxalate. In pigment stones, bilirubin (p=0.0001) was significantly higher than both groups. Bile acidcontent was significantly higher than cholesterol stones (p=0.0001) but not significantly more thanmixed stones. They showed the highest values of calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium andchlorides compared to the other types of stones. High levels of cholesterol in stones and dyslipidemiaassociated with mixed as well as cholesterol gall stones suggest an etiological association and effortsto reduce dietary fat among the Libyan population may lead to decreased cholesterol and mixedgallstones.
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