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Qypchaq, Detachment of Blond Soldiers

Author(s): Forukh Boltabaev

Journal: Transoxiana - Journal de Estudios Orientales
ISSN 1666-7050

Issue: 9;
Date: 2004;
Original page

Keywords: qipchak | Qipchaq | Qypchaq | Qypchak

Qypchaqs, the most socio-politically powerful tribes of 11th-13th centuries lived in the Northern and North-eastern parts of Central Asia which have been called Dashti Qypchak (Qypchak Desert) or Velikaya Step (Great Desert) in ancient Russian verbal sources. There are some hypotheses and views about the socio-ethnic background of Qypchaks, particularly about the lexical meaning of Qypchak which is called by Byzantine historians as Cumans. Also the Arabic and Russian historians of Early and Developed Middle Ages have very briefly mentioned about lexical meaning of Qypchak in their works about the people of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
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