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Radiographic Pelvimetry of the Female Pelvis in the Iranian Population

Author(s): Amirhossein Hashemi | Mahmood Erfanian | Saeed Naghibi | Fatemeh Riasi | Sarah Hashemi

Journal: Iranian Journal of Radiology
ISSN 1735-1065

Volume: 7;
Issue: S1;
Start page: 42;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: keyword

Background/Objective: Ultrasonography has replaced roentgenography in recent obstetric practice. X-ray pelvimetry in the management of vaginal delivery in patients with previous cesarean section is the only exception in some centers. There has been no report of the prevalence of four major pelvic types in Iranian females before this study."nPatients and Methods: In this study, we evaluated the types of pelvis and pelvic measurements of 185 adult female patients in four different regional municipalities of Mashhad. AP pelvic x-ray was performed for all the patients. All images were reported by a radiologist."nResults: Gynecoid pelvis was the most common pelvic type (88.6%) followed by platyploid (7.6%), android (2.7%) and anthropoid (1.1%). The results including the types of pelvis and the measurements had significant differences with previous studies in western countries. There were no significant differences in the prevalence of pelvic types between different imaging centers, different age groups and nulliparous vs. parous patients. "nConclusion: The prevalence of pelvic types depends on human race but it does not appear to be influenced by parity or age.
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