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Rapid and Inexpensive Densitometric Method, Using TLC Plates, for Quantification and Determination of Nine Pesticides in Water

Author(s): M. Hamada | N. A.Ghalwa | H. M. Abu-Shawish | O. Shubair

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Chemistry
ISSN 2220-2625

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: pesticides | TLC | solid phase extraction | Gaza Strip.

Nine pesticides of commonly used in Gaza Strip were tested in this work for optimal separation onto silica gel TLC plates in acetone/ cyclohexane, 1:2 (v/v), as a mobile phase to develop a new densitometric method for quantification and determination of these pesticides in water samples. These pesticides are: abamectine, atrazine, benomyl, cymoxanil, diuron, imidacloprid, linuron, penconazole, and propazine. Calibration plots were linear between 25 to 1000 ng/spot for all pesticides with a correlation coefficient, r, between 0.9920 and 0.9993. Recoveries after enrichment of real water samples on Bakerbond RP-C18cartridges were between 79.4 and 103.7 % at a relative standard deviation between ± 1.92 and 3.68 %. Detection limits LOD of 25 - 100 ng per spot for eight of the pesticides were reached, which meet the European limits for pesticides in drinking water (100 ngL-1), while penconazole has an LOD value of 200 ngL-1 because of its low UV-absorption coefficient.
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