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Rapid response seismic networks in Europe: lessons learnt from the L'Aquila earthquake emergency

Author(s): Lucia Margheriti | Lauro Chiaraluce | Christophe Voisin | Giovanna Cultrera | Aladino Govoni | Milena Moretti | Paola Bordoni | Lucia Luzi | Riccardo Azzara | Luisa Valoroso | Raffaele Di Stefano | Armand Mariscal | Luigi Improta | Francesca Pacor | Giuliano Milana | Marco Mucciarelli | Stefano Parolai | Alessandro Amato | Claudio Chiarabba | Pasquale De Gori | Francesco Pio Lucente | Massimo Di Bona | Maurizio Pignone | Gianpaolo Cecere | Fabio Criscuoli | Alberto Delladio | Valentino Lauciani | Salvatore Mazza | Giuseppe Di Giulio | Fabrizio Cara | Paolo Augliera | Marco Massa | Ezio D'Alema | Simone Marzorati | Monika Sobiesiak | Angelo Strollo | Anne-Marie Duval | Pascal Dominique | Bertrand Delouis | Anne Paul | Stephan Husen | Giulio Selvaggi

Journal: Annals of Geophysics
ISSN 1593-5213

Volume: 54;
Issue: 4;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Rapid response seismic networks | open data archives | seismology

The largest dataset ever recorded during a normal fault seismic sequence was acquired during the 2009 seismic emergency triggered by the damaging earthquake in L'Aquila (Italy). This was possible through the coordination of different rapid-response seismic networks in Italy, France and Germany. A seismic network of more than 60 stations recorded up to 70,000 earthquakes. Here, we describe the different open-data archives where it is possible to find this unique set of data for studies related to hazard, seismotectonics and earthquake physics. Moreover, we briefly describe some immediate and direct applications of emergency seismic networks. At the same time, we note the absence of communication platforms between the different European networks. Rapid-response networks need to agree on common strategies for network operations. Hopefully, over the next few years, the European Rapid-Response Seismic Network will became a reality.
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