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Real imaginaries and political reason for an intercultural hope

Author(s): Mohammed Noureddine Affaya

Journal: Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals
ISSN 1133-6595

Issue: 66-67;
Start page: 25;
Date: 2004;
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Keywords: cultural identity | politics | conflict | interculturality

In this text, the author attempts to clarify certain aspects of imaginaries in relation to the State and politics, but also in relation to violence and evil, in a context in which the dialectic of identity and otherness continues to be one of the structures of imaginaries. Imaginaries, beyond the exclusive sphere of representations, act on the world and on the evolution of history. But, the world also acts on imaginaries, and it is the periods of crisis that enlarge their manifestations, destined to “serve as a screen against fears.” In this sense, violence, in the face of which different attitudes can be adopted, becomes a symbolic element for interpreting our strengths. To what extent are we witnessing a new way of functioning of political and religious imaginaries? To answer this question, the author discusses intercultural hope “in a world inwhich the will of the power of the tragic interferes with communicational impulses.”
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