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Real Life Applications of Fuzzy Decision Tree

Author(s): Kavita Sachdeva | Madasu Hanmandlu | Amioy Kumar

Journal: International Journal of Computer Applications
ISSN 0975-8887

Volume: 42;
Issue: 10;
Start page: 24;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Biometric | Classification | Data mining | Fuzzy decision tree | Fuzzy logic | Intrusion Detection | parallel processing | TAFPA | HCI

Fuzzy Decision Tree is becoming increasingly significant as it is applied to areas of different platforms in real life. This paper gives an overview of the applications of fuzzy decision tree in heterogeneous fields. It is being actively used in fields as varied as intrusion detection, flexible querying (modus ponens), analysis of cognitive process (Human Computer Interaction), for user authentication in biometrics, as parallel processing support, in stock-market, for information retrieval and data mining. The fuzzy logic approach allows the direct incorporation of expertise. Moreover, it is shown that the decision taken by means of a fuzzy decision tree is more stable when observation evolves. The powerful combinatorial methods found in fuzzy logic have been used to prove fundamental results in other areas namely medical, educational, chemical and multimedia.
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