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Real Time Monitoring of SF6 Gas Pressure for Optimization Point on Wave Switching of SF6 Circuit Breaker

Author(s): Ashish Maheshwari1 , Sunil Kumar Singla

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology
ISSN 2231-5381

Volume: 4;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 2909;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Circuit Breaker | Sf6 gas | Controlled Switching | Compensation

This paper introduce the real time analysis of sf6 gas pressure for optimizing point on wave switching of sf6 circuit breaker. Circuit Breaker plays an important role in today’s growing Indian economy in power systems. It provides protection to transmission equipment incorporated in transmission networks. SF6 Circuit Breaker is very important equipment in Power Systems which is used for up to 1200 kVbecause of its excellent performance. SF6 Gas plays a vital role to operate the Breaker. Also with the help of SF6 gas contact life of circuit breaker is increased. This paper describes the Operation of SF6 Circuit Breaker in real time due to variation in SF6 gas pressure as SF6 gas is used for arc quenching in the Circuit Breaker to obtain the Point on wave Switching and stress free operation. The paper also describes the Compensation of SF6 Gas Pressure on Point on wave switching method used for Controlled operation of Circuit Breaker.

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