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Receiver Design for Single Carrier Equalization in Fading Domain

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar | Amit

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Management Studies
ISSN 2231-5268

Volume: 12;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 65;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Decision feedback equalizer (DFE)

Single carrier frequency division multiple access (SCFDMA) is one well-known scheme, which has recently become a preferred choice for uplink channels. Due to the usage of single carrier, the performance of SC-FDMA systems degrades in deep frequency selective fadingchannels. In this paper, we propose a structure of equalizer based on frequency domain decision feedback which could be used for multi-user SC-FDMA systems. Specific parameters of the equalizer are analyzed as well. This algorithm is applicable to various carrier allocations in multi-user systems such as localized allocation, distributed allocation, and frequency- hopping (FH) allocation. Toreduce the complexity, it is not necessary to derive the inversion of matrix, which is required in the traditional decision feedback equalizer for single carrier frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE-DFE). We present an efficient single carrier frequency domain equalization for Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) digitaltelevision receiver. The proposed scheme employs iterative cyclic prefix reconstruction (CPR) combined with blockoverlapping process to reduce inter-carrier interference (ICI) component caused by the absence of cyclic prefix in multipath fading channel. In addition, trellis decoder aided iterative decision feedback frequency domain equalizer is derived to further mitigate inter-symbol interference (ISI). Finally, low-complex iterative frequency domain channelestimation is proposed to predict and track the time-varyingmultipath fading channel coefficients.
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