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Regulácia lobingu na Slovensku: analýza súčasných trendov

Author(s): Slavomíra Urbanová

Journal: Středoevropské Politické Studie
ISSN 1213-2691

Volume: 14;
Issue: 2-3;
Start page: 376;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Lobbying | Regulation | Register | Self-Regulation | Slovakia | CPI | Public Access to the Legislative Process

The Regulation of Lobbying in Slovakia: An Analysis of Contemporary Trends One of the fundamental features of liberal democratic systems is the existence of diverse interests that seek to influence government decisions. It is therefore no surprise that the activities of organized interests present a natural and legitimate part of the democratic process. Nevertheless, we regard lobbyists with considerable skepticism, and the concept of lobbying often has negative connotations. This situation is mainly the result of a growth in the diversification and number of organized interests that often act in informal or unfair ways. Trying to distinguish lobbying from corruption or other illegal ways of influencing people in public office has led many countries to make efforts to level the playing field and the processes that take place in it. The result of these efforts is the introduction of the regulation of lobbying, which may be achieved by means of various tools. The aim of this paper is to briefly map the attempts by the Slovak government to establish rules governing the behavior of organized interests in the Slovak Republic and to identify the preferences of the particular actors in the Slovak political system with respect to the issue of regulating lobbying in Slovakia.
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