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Relational Aggression in Preschool Children

Author(s): Sima Shahim

Journal: Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology
ISSN 1735-4315

Volume: 13;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 264;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: relational aggression | preschool children | gender

AbstractObjectives: This study aimed to investigate relational aggression in the preschool children in Shiraz as it causes harmful events for both the aggressive child and the other children. Method: In a descriptive cross-sectional survey, 258 children (119 boys, 139 girls) aged 3 to 7 years completed a 10-itemed questionnaire in the field of relational aggression for preschool children-teachers form and Relational Aggression and Popularity-Peers Form. Subjects were selected from the four kindergartens referred by Shiraz Welfare Organization. Data were analyzed using analysis of variance, correlation coefficient and t-test. Results: Most of the preschool children as early as 3 years of age use relational aggression in their relationship with peers which results in the elimination of some of the kids from the group or makes some dump others. Gender difference was not significant in this regard. Relational aggression among peers also did not differ significantly in all age groups. Relational aggression as believed by peer nomination and teacher rating was significantly correlated with children’s popularity (p
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