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The Relationship between Perceived Organizational Justice and OCBs with Consider Moderating Role of Equity Sensitivity: Some Cultural Implications

Author(s): Mohesn Golparvar | Zahra Javadian

Journal: International Journal of Psychological Studies
ISSN 1918-7211

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2012;
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Perceived organizational justice is an important factor for prediction of various aspects of OCBs. This researchinvestigates the extent to which equity sensitivity moderates the relationship between perceived organizationaljustice and OCBs. It was hypothesized that distributive, procedural, informational and interpersonal justice arerelated to OCBs (helping behavior, civic virtue, and sportsmanship) and equity sensitivity has been moderatethese relationships. Research sample group were 123 employees of a petrochemical company in Iran. Themoderated hierarchical regression analysis indicated that equity sensitivity moderates the relationship betweenperceived distributive organizational justice with civic virtue and sportsmanship. That is, in entitled group (andno in equity sensitive or benevolent groups) distributive justice positively and significantly related to civic virtueand sportsmanship (P
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