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Rescheduling Problems with Learning Effect

Author(s): ZHANG Xin-gong

Journal: Journal of Chongqing Normal University
ISSN 1672-6693

Volume: 29;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: rescheduling | learning effect | polynomial-time algorithms

"Rescheduling is one of significant modern scheduling models and it is motivated by important applications. The problem of rescheduling in the face of dynamically arriving orders is faced constantly by manufacturing companies. The manufacturing companies have been made their production schedules earlier according to their planes or some customersè’º call, and scheduled the jobs by somerules to optimize some objective. However it frequently happens that additional orders arrived after a schedule has been developed,these orders must then be integrated into the schedule so as to optimize some measure of system performance without causing undue disruption in the shop. In this paper, I consider make span problems with rescheduling under the learning effect. The job processingtimes is defined by a function of its position in the sequence. For the maximum sequence disruption, the total sequence disruption and the maximum time disruption, some polynomial time algorithms for minimizing the total completion time problems are presented. For minimizing the total completion time problems, a dynamic programming algorithm is given under the total time disruption. Furthermore,it is showed that this algorithm is pseudpolynomial time algorithm."
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