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Research and Medical Study in Iran: New Proposals

Author(s): Fatemeh Beiraghdar | Yunes Panahi | Saeed Taheri

Journal: Hepatitis Monthly
ISSN 1735-143X

Volume: 8;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 231;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Medical Study | Iran

Dear Sir;Thank you for the opportunity to present our views in the Hepatitis Monthly and through this letter. We genuinely enjoyed the informative and instructive article by Professor Bagheri Lankarani (1), the Iranian Minister of Health & Medical Education and the chairman of Hepatitis Monthly, on the current status of research in our country and the future perspectives. In this article, a number of directions have been proposed by the minister for changing some improper methods that are currently practiced mostly in research areas in our country, in order to employ the available limited resources to achieve greater goals. Moreover, he focused on the importance of scorings awarded by highly referred scientific databanks, i.e. "ISI web of knowledge", to Iran's scientific production volume, as a sign of the country's science production activity.As mentioned above, one of the very most important issues that were noted in the article was the fact that our financial resources for medical research are limited; so we should carefully manage their utilization in the most significant local problems of our country. Unfortunately, there is no scoring system in the world that measures the relevance and problem-solving potency of articles for regional health concerns In fact, also it is very important, even for developing countries, to move toward exploring basic sciences and to use them in clinical practices, it seems that in several countries, mostly developing ones, research funds are being used in the areas which are not of relevance in local perspectives. Fortunately in our country, researches have recently been more aimed at local health interests of our own nation, most notably in hepatology and virology (2-4), because of the existence of powerful research centers and scientists as well as the strong support from health authorities. However, several important issues in some other branches of health have still not been addressed as they deserved. For example, Iran holds the world's record of Caesarian section for child bearing, with more than half of all deliveries in the country. Just the same, the number of aesthetic rhinoplasty in the country is extremely high; but to our knowledge, most articles on this issue are case reports (5) and there are no major studies to assess the short- and long-term complications of those which are supposed to be high. With all the aforementioned, we propose a scoring system to be developed in our country to classify the importance of a research endeavor, accuracy of the methodology used and the articles' proposals for their future employment in daily practice. For this system, we need the collaboration of leading scientists in each branch of medicine, not only for gathering information from the whole country in the specific medical area, but also to determine research priorities to help organizing endeavors that are performed all over the country. On the other hand, we can consider awards, including financial incentives and faculty opportunities, for younger specialists in order to empower and support them. Implementing such a system has several benefits: 1. our resources would be used in more directive routs. 2. There would be a number of centers led by well recognized scientists, in which investigators from all over the country can conduct more perfectly designed researches. 3. With such centers, we can conduct multicenter studies which promise more precise results with less financial resources. 4. We can benefit from research results of our own scientists to promote our own health status 5. With working on the priorities that are introduces to centers in the country, our articles would receive more citations which would show that we are using data achieved from our previous research results in our future researches. Finally, this can enhance the quality of future researches.
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