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住宅小区物业管理服务顾客满意度实证研究——以京津地区住宅小区为例 Research on Customer Satisfaction of Residential Property Management—Taking Residential in Beijing-Tianjin Region for Example

Author(s): 盛筠 | 赵益姝 | 年超

Journal: Modern Management
ISSN 2160-7311

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 193;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 住宅 | 物业管理 | 服务营销 | 顾客满意度 | 京津地区 | Residential | Property Management | Service Marketing | Customer Satisfaction | Beijing-Tianjin Region

近年来,消费者权益保护协会接受的关于物业管理的投诉在迅速增加,物业管理与每个人息 息相关,对物业企业而言,如何提供让顾客满意的物业服务成为人们关注的焦点。“服务营销”是一门学问,它从顾客心理角度出发进行营销,满足顾客需求。本文就物业管理企业提供的服务内容进行探讨,旨在研究服务质量的需求状况,找出影响服务质量的关键性因素,提出建议。In recent years, consumer protection associations have received an increasing number of complaints on property management. Closely related to each person, how to provide property services that satisfy customers becomes the focus of attention. “Service marketing” is a science. It meets customer needs from psychological point of view. This paper focus on the services provided by property management companies and to explore the balance between needs and providing, then identify key factors affecting the quality of service. In the end, the paper made some suggestions.
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