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Research on English Language Teaching Practice in Open Distance Learning

Author(s): Yingling Gu

Journal: International Journal of English Linguistics
ISSN 1923-869X

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2011;
Original page

A new stage of development for modern distance education has been entered in China. The main signs are: One of the main tasks is a Plan of Action for the revitalization on modern distance education project as the 21st century education; the project of open educational pilot has been implemented by all Radio & TV University systems. Under such an educational situation, modern distance education pilot project developed in the English undergraduate students, in March 2000 in Changji. With the guidance of CCTV and Changji People's Government, 42 of undergraduate English students were recruited at the same year in August, the school began in September. Under the modern distance educational conditions, Teachers of TVU how to teach? Students how to learn? A variety of media technology how to combine the application? Distance learning how to improve the system of support services? And so on, new problems need to be recognized and explored by the TVU educators of the long-distance educational practice for decades. Practice is needed for theoretical guidance, theory is also needed to enrich in the practice of refining. According to the combination of experimental work, Xinjiang Changji TVU is led by the Ministry of Education in Xinjiang Institute of Research Group, research and experiment of English teaching mode is being carried out.
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