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Research on the Knowledge-sharing Dilemmas of DSRT and Countermeasures from the Perspective of Social Networks

Author(s): Zhihong Li | Guanggang Zhou

Journal: Journal of Software
ISSN 1796-217X

Volume: 6;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 1721;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: DSRT | social networks | knowledge-sharing | dilemmas

The issue of knowledge-sharing was an important factor affecting research performance of Distribution Scientific Research Team (DSRT).  Analysis its knowledge-sharing dilemma and put forward countermeasures. Practical problems could be abstracted as the scientific model of Social networks, and could be solved from the view of theoretical point. The research tried to draw on the problem of Knowledge-sharing of DSRT with the research method of social networks theory. In the first place, to construct the general research structural model of DSRT and research on the density of its network, the network location of nodes, the key nodes and small groups.  What could be found as follows: There were barriers of DSRT tacit knowledge-sharing in the research process; Individual knowledge sharing incentives was imperfect; Knowledge transfer process of point to point could easily lead to knowledge sharing bottlenecks; and the congenital phenomenon of cohesion subgroup would lead to negative impact on the knowledge-sharing of DSRT. In this paper, the research on the knowledge-sharing dilemma of DSRT using the social network theory and specific recommendations targeted measures had theoretical and practical significance.  In theory, the social network theory has been applied more in-depth study, and in practice, analyzed and solved the practical research work on knowledge-sharing of DSRT.
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