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Research on Money Laundering Crime under Electronic Payment Background

Author(s): Weibing Peng

Journal: Journal of Computers
ISSN 1796-203X

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 147;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Electronic Payment | Money Laundering Crime | Financial Computerization

As the result of information technology's development, promoted the tradition payment means enormously to the computerization development advancement. The electronic payment has accelerated the money circulation speed, and has brought the enormous convenience for the modern trade activity. But the electronic payment's characteristics such as invisible, high speed, concealment and so on have provided the enormous convenience to the money laundering criminal activity, and presented the enormous challenge to the traditional counter-money laundering system. The money laundering activities change to the virtual space from the real world, and the electronic money laundering become a new confidentiality and highly effective method for the money laundering crime. The question of moniting criminality of launders money under the electronic payment background, regardless of from the legislation and the technical angle, is a new domain needing to deeply research. This article has first analyzed money laundering pattern under the electronic payment background, then has analyzed the characteristic of the electronic money laundering compared to tradition money laundering pattern and the new challenge which brings for the counter-money laundering work. Finally, proposed several countermeasures to guard electron money laundering crime based on the above research.

Tango Jona
Tangokurs Rapperswil-Jona

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