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Results Analysis of IP Address Auto- Configuration in Wireless Manets

Author(s): S. Zahoor Ul Huq | S. Shabana Begum | Dr. K.E. Sreenivasa Murthy | Prof. B. Satyanaryana

Journal: International Journal of Engineering and Technology
ISSN 0975-4024

Volume: 3;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 318;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Address Allocation | Address Character | IP Auto-Configuration | Permanent Address

The main task of an address allocation protocol is to manage the address allocation to the nodes in the ad hoc MANETs. All routing protocols assume nodes to be configured a priori with a uniqueIP address. Allocating addresses to mobile nodes is a fundamental and difficult problem. A mobile device cannot participate in unicast communications until it is assigned a conflict-free IP address. So addressing in MANETs is of significant importance, and the address configuration process should be fast, as the algorithm must be able to select, allocate and assign a unique network address to the unconfigured node before with a unique IP address. Here we are providing two solutions for unique address assignment. One is by the using the broadcasting method (BrM), in which unique addresses are assigned, unique addresses are assigned with the cost of network load. This method works fine whenever a new ad hoc network has to be initiated and at a same time a group of nodes have to be configured with a unique IP addresses. But this method loads the network with much network traffic, when new nodes are to be joined. In order to overcome this we are using another approach which uses Modular Arithmetic (MoA). Modular Arithmetic with some modifications is used to generate the unique IP Addresses without loading the network. The proposed scheme is capable of assigning a unique IP address with low communicationoverhead, even addresses distribution and low latency when applied to large scale MANETs and even supports network merging and partitioning..
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