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A Review of Protein-DNA Binding Motif using Association Rule Mining

Author(s): Virendra Kumar Tripathi, | Hitesh Gupta

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Computer Research
ISSN 2249-7277

Volume: 3;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 56;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Protein - DNA | Motif | data mining | association rule mining

Thesurvival of gene regulation and lifemechanisms is pre-request of finding unknownpattern oftranscription factor binding sites. Thediscovery motif of gene regulation inbioinformaticsis challenging jobs for getting relation betweentranscription factors and transcription factorbinding sites. The increasing size and length ofstring pattern of motif is issued a problem related tomodeling and optimization of gene selectionprocess. In this paper we give a survey of protein-DNA binding using association rule mining.Association rule mining well knowndata miningtechnique for pattern analysis. The capability ofnegative and positive pattern generation help fullfordiscoveringof new pattern in DNA bindingbioinformatics data. The other data miningapproach such as clustering and classification alsoapplied the process of gene selection grouping forknown and unknown pattern. But faced a problemof valid string of DNA data, the rule miningprinciple find a better relation between transcriptionfactors and transcription factor binding sites.
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