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Risk factors for breast cancer in Mazandaran Province, 2004

Author(s): Holakouie Naeini K. | Ardalan A. | Mahmoudi M. | Motevallian A. | Yahyapour Y.

Journal: Journal of School of Public Health and Institute of Public Health Research
ISSN 1735-7586

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 27;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Keywords: Breast neoplasm | Case-control studies

Background and Aim: Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women, both in Iran and worldwide. The wide variation in breast cancer incidence in different geographical areas calls for studies to clarify the role of potential risk factors. In this study we looked at some factors that could be involved in the pathogenesis of breast cancer. Material and Methods: This matched case-control study was carried out in the summer of 2004, and it drew on data recorded in Babol (Caspian) Cancer Registry. We investigated 250 biopsy-proven cases of breast cancer, together with 500 controls chosen from the neighbors of cases. We matched the subjects with regard to age (with 3 years intervals). Crude and adjusted odds ratios and relevant 95% confidence intervals were calculated through conditional logistic regression, using STATA 8.0. Results: This study involved 250 incident cases of breast cancer and 500 age-matched controls. The mean age of the cases was 48.7 (±11.37) years with 48, 22 and 80 years as median, min. and max. values, respectively. Mean age in the controls was 48.0 (±11.46) years with 47.5, 19 and 77 years as median, min. and max. values, respectively. In the multivariate analysis, the following variables were found to be risk factors: university education (OR=5.89, 95%CI: 1.73-20.09), menopause (OR=3.98, 95%CI: 2.29-6.91), induced abortion (OR=1.56, 95%CI: 1.02-2.22), BMI (OR=1.02, 95%CI: 1.01-1.03) and longer duration of breast feeding was determined as protective factor against breast cancer (OR=0.995, 95%CI: 0.990-0.999). Conclusion: Modifiable risk factors should be considered in the community-based preventive interventions. The following areas could serve as topics for community education in Mazandaran: the role of high BMI and induced abortion in increasing the chance of breast cancer and also the protective role of breast feeding on this issue.

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