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Şırnak İli Kömür Üretimi İş Kolunda Faaliyet Gösteren Firma Sahiplerinin Sosyo- Ekonomik Durumlarına Genel Bakış – 2010

Author(s): Bülent DARICI | Fatih Mehmet ÖCAL | Mete Cüneyt OKYAR

Journal: Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi
ISSN 1302-1796

Issue: 25;
Start page: 89;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: The Mining Sector | Coal Companies | the Socio-Economic Outlook of Şırnak City | Coal Mining

Our country is rich for it’s natural resources., Our country uses the mines extracted from the rich mineral deposits as rawmaterials in the industrial sector just like the other countries. Unfortunately, the mines, which have been extracted nowadays, areunder the desired level because of some kind of problems in mining industry. When compared to the sectors connected to it,mining industry is one of the key facts of devolopment.When it comes to the the mining industry, such factors as including pretty much risk factor, the need for capital in greatamounts, the length of the time for the return of the investments, come to the mind first. There are lots of disadvantageousconditions in extractive industry. The essential parts of these conditions depend on the enviromental factors (The location of themineral deposits in the uplands of mountaneous regions and in the regions which are devoid of suitable infrastructures).It can be said that our country has an important variety of mines for the mining industry especially when it compared with thevariety of mines mined worldwide. But this variety reveals itself, only when the topic is extracting mine.Such mines as copper, iron, boron minerals, chromite, bauxite, sulfur, mercury, coal and etc. can be counted a mong themajor mines that are extracted in our country. When areas of usage are taken into account, the coal has an important place among the metals that extracted in our country.The business, operate in the extracting sector, face with lots of problems during the extracting process. Although, they havedifferences between open pit reserves and underground mining companies; most of these problems depend on constructional and legistational reasons. The open pit businesses face with ‘’dekapai(pickling)’’ problems, while the coal businesses that operatesunderground deals with the problems depending upon deficiency of technology and managment mentality. The existence of thesekind of problems have great effects on the cost of extracted mine through increasing the costs. At the same time, that removesthe competition advantage.In this study the data, obtained from the survey, whose aim was to prove the socio-economic statues of the owners of thecompanies operating in the field of coal production as a sub-branch of the mining sector in Şırnak city at the beginning of the year2010, is tried to be analyzed. In this survey, nearly all of the 40 companies operating in the field of coal production from thebeginning of 2010 in the province of Şırnak have been reached and had them take part.In the survey studies, any of the data typesof time series and horizantal sectional can be used. In this study, the horizantal sectional type is used as the intention is to knowthe socio-economic statues of the owners of the companies operating since the beginning of the year 2010.After the explanation of the purpose, importance, scope of the survey,intended to explain the socio-economic status of thecompany owners in the field of coal production in Şırnak,it was handed in January of 2010, by specifying that it will be taken inMarch.This survey, whose aim is to show the socio-economic statues of the owners of the coal companies operating in Şırnak city,was given to the owners of the companies in January after the explainations of its aim, importance, content and how to fill it andwould be taken back in March.In March, the survey forms were checked and taken back after filling the missing places. The datas obtained from the surveyforms were transferred to the MS Office Excel program and then analyzed with the Statistical Package for Social Sciences 15.0programme.( SPSS-Statistical Package of Social Sciences). Such techniques as the frequency tables, cross tables, charts, ANOVA,independent sample t test, chi-square test, correlation analysis were used as the analysis techniques. In the comparison of the twodifferent groups,( TSE certified- non-certified ones, those who give -service training- who do not) the independent sample t testis used and determined wheter there is a meaningful difference or not. While comparing more than two groups, (such as primaryschool graduate -elementary school graduate-high school graduate),the average of the groups for certain topics is compared byusing Anova (analysis of variance) and determined wheter there is a meaningfulful difference or not. To determine therelationship between two variables,the chi-square tests were used. To determine whether there is a significant relationshipbetween two or more numeric variables, the correlation analysis was conducted.After the analysis of the reliability of the survey questions; the value of Cronbach's alpha was calculated as 0.715. The surveyquestions are reliable when you look at the value, and there is no question that reduces the reliability and necessity to remove anyof the questions from the survey.All of the 40 firms that operate in the field of caol production in Sırnak have ben reached. 36 (%90 percent) of these firmsparticipated in the survey while 4 (%10) of them did not. High participation rate, provided benefits to the determination of theproblems in a large extent.The density of the labor pover in the branch of the coal business establishments in the province of Şırnak is heaped up theages between 30 and 49. The reasons such as capital shortage and the rapid rate of return on investment lead young entrepreneursto shift to other business lines. Beacuse of the difficulties of the work, the fifty year and older entrepreneurs, leave the bussinessbranch and join the ones in which they can earn more in less time.30 of the surveyed firms (83.3%) are from Şırnak. The obtained conclusion is that; the people from Şırnak invest in their ownland. However, that does not reflect the truth completely or reflect it incomplete. The inability to make the companies, operatingin mining coal and energy sector in our country, especially in the provinces close to Şırnak, invest in Şırnak city, proves the failurein the announcement of the advantages of this region in coal mining in the national scale. The expected potential for extractingthe coal reserves could not be reached and for this reason it could not make the desirable of effect on the employment level ofthe city. For the announcement of this city and of the potential of the coal mine on national and regional scales, all nongovermentalorganizations must act togetler.The characteristics of the firms, 29 of them (% 80,5) are functioning as companies(limited, incorporated company), 7 of theleft (% 19,5) are functioning as private companies, can be interpreted as they have covered a distance in the institutionalisationprocess and besides, it is possible to attribute this fact to such factors as the easy terms of tax payments of the firms, theadvantages in participating in the tender bids and the image of being a company.Owners of firms operating in the field of coal production in Sirnak was examined in terms of incorporation firms, theestablishment of 17 companies (47.2%) in the form of partnership can be associated with the desire of combining their capital tocope with high costs, both general and possible economic crises and being financially stronger. The remaining 19 firms’ (52.8%)response has been in the form of "Other" (Self-employed). This result explains the short life-span of this firm as the result ofconstituting coal companies without specialization and a fundamental structure. Constructing The Mining Department in theVocational High School will help to eliminate this problem.When the owners of firms operating in the field of coal production in Şırnak was examined in terms of their education levels,it is understood that they were not graduated from University, Academy or Technical High School. In addition, when asked ifthey know a foreign language, it has emerged that none of the firm owner knows a foreign language. According to this situation,to increase the quality of the companies operating in Şırnak and to reduce production cost and to get to intensive production;firstly, the well trained staff in the field of minig should be employed, Research and Development (R & D) investments should bedone and the national and international marketing opportunities should be increased. In order to achieve this, the owners of thefirms of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Şırnak should organize cost free trainings to his members about finance, marketing,total quality management seminars and on foreign language (english, Arabic and so on) , in order to integrate with the worldeconomy.
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