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Rolling circle transcription of ribozymes from promoterless single-stranded DNA nanocircles in mammalian cells [Ribozimlerin, promotorsuz tek-iplikli DNA çemberlerinin rolling circle transkripsiyonu ile memeli hücrelerinde üretimi]

Author(s): Attila A. Seyhan

Journal: Türk Biyokimya Dergisi
ISSN 0250-4685

Volume: 31;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 2;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: T7 RNA polymerase | RNA polymerase II | rTth DNA polymerase | rolling circle transcription | multimeric RNAs | ribozyme catalysis | circular DNA

Self-processing hairpin ribozymes have been synthesized from promoterless singlestranded DNA circles (73 nt) within mammalian cells. Following lipid-mediated transient transfection, DNA circles were efficiently internalized by mouse L cells (OST7–1) that stably express T7 RNA polymerase confining it to the cytoplasm. Cellular uptake of circular DNA templates and intracellular accumulation of ribozyme RNA transcripts from these DNA circles were progressive, both peaking at 24 h after transfection. Intracellular transcription generated RNA concatemers accumulating to a level of ~100 copies per cell. Transcription appears to be independent of specific promoter sequences but depends on T7 RNA polymerase. The data presented here may support the hypothesis that single stranded bubble regions within duplex DNA can serve as de novo initiation sites for RNA transcription not only in vitro but also in the cytoplasm of mammalian cells. These results may provide a model for the rolling circle transcription of small circular nucleic acids in mammalian cells.
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