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A Rotation Transformation Method of 3D Object in WPF by Modifying Camera Attributes

Author(s): YU Ren | Mao Wei | LU Gubin | Lu Feng

Journal: International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing
ISSN 2074-9074

Volume: 3;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 44;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: WPF | Three Dimention Rotation | GUI Engine | .NET Framework

Based on the .NET Framework 2.0, the new generation of the windows software development framework .NET Framework 3.0 has four new components, in which the most attractive one is WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation). WPF is a new GUI engine that can provide uniform descriptions and methods for user interface, 2D/3D graphic, document and media. In WPF, the commonly used rotation transformation method for 3D object is RotateTransform3D. This method needs to calculate the state of the camera carefully, otherwise, the 3D object may move anomaly on the screen. To solve this kind of problem, another method is brought forward in the paper, which realizes the rotation transformation by calaulating and changing the attributes (Position, LookDirection, UpDirection) of the camera directly. The method can exhibite the rotation of 3D object distortion-freely, without the anomal movement on the screen. The calculation and the program of the method is simple.

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