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SAC-OCDMA with Zero Vector Combinatorial Code (ZVCC)

Author(s): Swati Sharma | Preeti

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Management Studies
ISSN 2231-5268

Volume: 11;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 52;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA)

In this paper the performance of the incoherent SAC-OCDMAsystem using Zero Vector Combinatorial Code (ZVCC) has beenobserved by varying the code length and data rate. ZVCC is betterthan the other proposed code as it has small code length,accommodates more number of users and the design algorithm issimple. The results have been observed and analyzed in terms ofBER. The simulated results show that the system at code weight 4accommodates around 99 users at effective power -10dBm and asdata rate is increased the BER degrades. The comparative studyof the system using ZVCC with Zero Cross-correlation Code hasbeen carried out. The results indicate that ZVCC truly performsbetter than ZCC code.

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