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微电网系统的调度策略及经济运行优化研究 Scheduling Strategy and Economic Operation Optimization for Micro-Grids

Author(s): 赵向阳 | 段江曼

Journal: Smart Grid
ISSN 2161-8763

Volume: 02;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 99;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 微电网 | 经济优化 | 调度策略 | 能量管理 | 孤岛运行 | Micro-Grids | Economic Optimization | Scheduling Strategy | Energy Management | Island Operation

传统大电网采用基于负荷预测,调节可控发电的模式,实现系统功率平衡;而微电网系统是由波动性和随机性很强的可再生新能源发电和随机负荷组成。如何通过调度实现具有强随机性的发电和用电单元之间的功率平衡,是微电网急需解决的关键问题。本课题以光伏/风力发电、储能、负荷、配电网等单元构成的微电网系统为研究对象,研究微电网的调度策略及运行优化方法,确立并网和孤岛两种运行状态下的调度策略及运行目标;并以一个算例分析验证所提出的调度模型、调度策略、优化目标及优化算法的正确性与有效性。The micro grid system has something different from the traditional power grid. That is the power grid real-izes the balance of system based on load forecast, adjusting the controllable generators. While the generation units and load in microgrid have strong volatility and randomness. This paper bases on a microgrid with solar system, wind power, energy storage, load and power grid, aims at the problem that how to balance the random load and generator, studies the two operation state of the microgrid, establishes the scheduling strategy, operation optimization method and operation objectives. Analysis and verify the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed scheduling model, scheduling strategy, optimized objectives and optimization algorithm with an example.
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