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Author(s): Kirubaburi R

Journal: Journal of Current Engineering Research
ISSN 2250-2637

Volume: 3;
Issue: 3;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Incentives; Cheque; Trustworthy; Token; Accounting Center; Round Trip time (RTT); Hashing.

In Multi-Hop Wireless Networks (MWN), the mobile nodes usually relay their packets using cooperative nodes. But there are several negative effect in cooperation of nodes and degrade the network performance due to selfish node behavior which will also degrade the connectivity of node, throughput and power consumption. In this paper proposes a secure and trustworthy incentives cooperation mechanism for multi-hop Wireless networks for secure cooperation among trusted nodes and to thwart the selfishness attack, collision attack and Denial of service attacks. To prevent the selfishness node behavior we using incentive mechanisms which will charge nodes efficiently. Hashing operation is used to provides the communication between nodes more securely improves integrity and confidentiality. Token based cheque submission scheme is used to reduce the collusion attacks. The nodes credits are updated and stored by Accounting Center (AC) efficiently which will classify the cheques and verify the certificates from nodes during eviction process. Instead of submitting cheques by all the intermediate node, Source node that will select any one intermediate node based on their credits and trusted node in network to reducing the overhead of payment cheques. Trustworthy Checker components in AC, which will monitor all the node performance in the network and remove the selfishness node from the networks. Trustworthy checker can precisely differentiate between the honest nodes and irrational packet droppers. Extensive analysis and simulation demonstrate that our mechanism can significantly reduce the cheques and allow secure trusted node for communications.
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