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Securing Retinal Template Using Quasigroups

Author(s): N. Radha | T. Rubya | S. Karthikeyan

Journal: Journal of Advances in Information Technology
ISSN 1798-2340

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 80;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Retina Biometric | Quasigroup | Encryption | Decryption | Isotopes

Biometric plays important role in person recognition and identification. It is more secure than the traditional systems like password and token based systems. The traditional systems can be stolen, misplaced or destroyed. But the biometric systems are based on the physiological or behavioral traits of the individual human being. It cannot be altered or misused by the unauthorized persons. It is more reliable than the traditional systems. Although it is powerful, immutable to vulnerable attacks So it is necessary to secure the biometric template using more efficient techniques. Crytography is the most powerful technique to avoid vulnerable attacks. Recently it was found that The non-associative property of quasigroup helps achieving better security by having a randomly generated key for encr[1]yption. The operations involved in Quasigroup  are computationally simple and can be efficiently used for protection of voluminous media like images, audio, video and different forms of multimedia In this paper the Quasigroup technique is used to provide better security to Retina Template.
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