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A Security Protocol for the Identification and Data Encrypt- Key Management of Secure Mobile Devices

Author(s): Chol-Un Kim | Dok-Jun An | Song Han

Journal: Journal of Theoretical Physics and Cryptography
ISSN 2322-3138

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 21;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: security | user authentication | identification protocol | data encrypt key | secure USB

In this paper, we proposed an identification and data encrypt key manage protocol that can be used in some security system based on such secure devices as secure USB memories or RFIDs, which are widely used for identifying persons or other objects recently. In general, the default functions of the security system using a mobile device are the authentication for the owner of the device and secure storage of data stored on the device. We proposed a security model that consists of the server and mobile devices in order to realize these security features. In this model we defined the secure communication protocol for the authentication and management of data encryption keys using a private key encryption algorithm with the public key between the server and mobile devices. In addition, we was performed the analysis for the attack to the communication protocol between the mobile device and server. Using the communication protocol, the system will attempt to authenticate the mobile device. The data decrypt key is transmitted only if the authentication process is successful. The data in the mobile device can be decrypted using the key. Our analysis proved that this Protocol ensures anonymity, prevents replay attacks and realizes the interactive identification between the security devices and the authentication server.

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