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A Semiotic Analysis of Location in TV Series and Their Cultural Indicators: The Case of Canım Ailem

Author(s): Canan Uluyağcı; Sezen Ünlü; Sevil Uzoğlu Bayçu

Journal: Global Media Journal : Turkish Edition
ISSN 1309-7601

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Semiology | Culture | TV Series

We transfer much information about our own identity in an unconscious manner via locations where we spend our daily lives. This information transfer process is, undoubtedly, a part of the communication. In fact, we also provide information on our cultural identity, while we transfer information on our identity via our living spaces. One of the requirements for actual establishment of the communication is the realization of the meaning. When process of realizing the meaning is viewed from the dimension of intercultural communication, social values are of extreme importance. Accordingly, the role played by living spaces, which is one of most significant indicator of social values, cannot be ignored. Locations not only provide a view on cultural identities, but they are also one of important indicators reflecting the social gender roles. Undoubtedly, television has a significant position within the range of mass communication tools which reflect and reinforce social values. Dominating the broadcast streaming of Turkish televisions particularly for last 10 years, domestic TV series influences large masses using the cultural elements. Recently, locations gained important positions in domestic series. Values pertaining to Turkish culture are reflected via those locations in one side, it is also possible to witness influencesof West-East culture on the other side. In the light of aforementioned fact, this study also aimed to investigate how cultural values are reflected via locations by analyzing the locations used in the TV series titled “Canım Ailem (My Dear Family”), which reached the large masses during 2010 broadcasting season. In the study, location analysis was performed based on semiologic method. Within this context, the house hosting two families narrated in the show was analyzed with respect to how social status is reflected in such kinds of houses and how those houses are arranged considering social gender roles. Properties found in houses, arrangement of rooms, colors and architectural structure of houses were considered as an indicator. Besides, concepts of settlement area (quarter) and the neighborhood, which is of substantial importance in the Turkish culture, are also addressed within this context. Certainly, business place is another important case with respect to reflection of cultural values. Therefore, the restaurant, hotel and vehicle repair shop included in the series is included within the analysis scope.
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