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Sensitivity assay of polymerase chain reaction for detection of Canine Parvo Virus infection in dogs

Author(s): Prashant Sharma | Amit Rastogi | Kartikaye Kukreti | Partap Singh Narwal

Journal: Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics
ISSN 2162-5816

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 45;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: CPV | Canine Parvo Virus | PCR | Polymerase Chain Reaction | Sensitivity

A polymerase chain reaction was performed using re-ported primers for detection of Canine Parvo virus (CPV) in the stool sample obtained from repository. The PCR primers were specific to VP1/VP2 gene of CPV. Sensi-tivity assay of PCR detection was performed by making dilutions of CPV positive DNA extracted from fecal sample, carrying out PCR for each dilution and visualiz-ing amplicons in ethidium bromide stained agarose gel under UV radiation. Study was valuable in determining the efficiency of PCR. The sensitivity of PCR in present study was determined to be equivalent to detection of .00 2pg/┬Ál of CPV DNA. The study was conducted to analyze the variation, sensitivity and repeatability.
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