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Social skills levels on nursery students

Author(s): Antonia Pades Jiménez | Victoria Aurora Ferrer Pérez

Journal: NURE Investigacion
ISSN 1697-218X

Volume: 4;
Issue: 26;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Social skills | nursery | social competence | social skills training programme | Social Skills Scale

Aim: To analyse the social skills of a sample group of 3rd year nursing students who attended a social skills training programme. Materials and method: An outline is made of the results of a descriptive study that analyses the social skills of a sample group of 314 students from different academic years, studying at the Palma de Mallorca University School of Nursing. For assessment purposes, a Social Skills Scale (Gismero, 2000) was used. Results: The results show that the sample group’s social skills were not low. They only encountered problems when it came to upholding their own rights (Factors 2) or to engaging in interactions with the opposite sex (Factor 6). Even so, a social skills training programme is proposed in the form of a psycho-educational training course in order to improve the students’ social skills in these areas, provide them with stress prevention tools, train them in communication skills, and improve relations between patients/families and the medical team.

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