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Some Statistical Solutions and Methods in Evaluation of Efficiency in Sport and Effectiveness in the Phenomenon of Sportsmen' Training

Author(s): Gheorghe Săvoiu | Ion Iorga | Marian Cretu | Ion Mihăilă

Journal: Journal of Social Sciences
ISSN 1549-3652

Volume: 7;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 358;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Informational energy | team training | modern sport | efficaciousness-degree | degree of economy | sports efficiency | hierarchical order | general methodology | genetic algorithms | training programme

Problem statement: A general method for evaluation of efficiency in sport and effectiveness in the phenomenon of sportsmen’s training was proposed. Approach: The method of four “E” was a frame method focused on communication and evaluation, where efficiency acquired an essential importance and its variation related to the initial programme, with its time or space details, respectively related to the effectiveness of coach Results: The practical results proved a high degree of coverage for proposed method in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in sports and training. Besides being successful in identifying regularities, generalizing the alternatives and emphasizing their fundamental contribution to majority of the results of sports organizations providing globally optimal results, due to high efficiency and lower computation time, the proposed approach could be considered an interesting candidate for easily characterization of the communication, evaluation and, finally, the decision-making processes, but especially of their aggregation in an ample process, the practical training for sportsmen phenomenon. Conclusion: Some conclusions of the proposed method were briefly presented for this new modern sports paradigm of modern coach and sportsmen, derived from economic thought. By comparing the alternatives of multidisciplinary analysis, considered as possible solutions of the method of four “E”, regarded as a chain of logical approach of the type efficaciousness-degree of economy-efficiency-effectiveness, it was observed that statistical evaluation of indexes achieved better performances in terms of application, interpretation and the placement in hierarchical order and determination of the informational energy in terms of accuracy, using the probabilities of occurrence of effects, to the informational energy, completed and generalized the entirety.
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