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The Spatial Distribution of Settlements in the Bârgău Mountains


Journal: Romanian Review of Regional Studies
ISSN 1841-1576

Volume: VIII;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Quantitative distribution | Morphological distribution | Settlement density | Area coefficient | Dispersion indicator | Average distance

Based of the specific geomorphologic and hydrologic background, the Bârgău Mountains have faced an extensive and prolonged human process, the main vectors being the two morpho - hydrographic axes (Ilva-Leşu and Bârgău-Bistriţa), including the interfluvial areas, which were introduced, in different degrees, into the humanized territory. Thus, two habitational zones are distinguished, the one of Ilva and Leşu (in the central part) and the one of Bârgău and Bistriţa, in the south. The present study aims at emphasizing the main aspects connected to the territorial distribution of habitats in the Bârgău Mountains, from a double perspective: quantitative and morphological. The analysis of the quantitative distribution of settlements was made starting from the calculation of some synthetic indicators (the settlement density, the area coefficient, the dispersion indicator, the average distance between two localities). As altitude plays an important role in the spatial distribution of habitats, four “generations” of settlements were identified depending on the elevation levels. The most numerous localities in the Bârgău Mountains (16 out of the total of 20) are situated between 601 and 1100 m, illustrating the specific morphometrical features of the territory. Besides the role that the terrain plays in the distribution of habitats, the swarming processes (through displacement and saltation) have to be mentioned, as they contributed to the confinement of the forest surfaces, so that, now, the Bârgău Mountains represent a strongly humanized area.
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